Transitioning from Remote Centre Model to the Mentor-Mentee Model

The existing faculty development programs (ISTE Workshops) offered by T10kT Project, IIT Bombay, was facilitated through a “Hub and Spoke” model. These programs utilize the benefits of synchronous interactions at “Remote Centres” through A-VIEW and asynchronous learning through MOODLE. Till 2016, the T10kT project has conducted 51 training programs benefiting close to 1.36 lakh faculty members across the country. To learn more about the methodology of T10kT programs check this link.

The arrival of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform, IITBombayX, have helped us scale these programs further and also provide flexibility of time and location to the participating faculty.  However, a major disadvantage of utilizing such online platforms is the lack of synchronous interactions. The proposed “Mentor-Mentee” model to be used in the upcoming FDP is aimed at reducing this problem. It is envisioned that participating faculty will be mentored by “Faculty associates” who have already been identified as top performers from the previous edition of these FDPs. These mentors will interact with the mentees both asynchronously (emails, Discussion Forum) and synchronously (A-VIEW/Skype/Hangouts etc) to provide the much-needed personal guidance and feedback. The mentor-mentee associations are also ideal for developing collaborative communities that will support life-long learning for the participating faculty.

More details about the implementation of the model will be updated soon.

Courtesy: IITBombayX


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